Parkour's Ghost School: Traceur's Playground

…Y retiemble en sus centros la tierra… #Mexico #MexicoVsHolanda #Netherlands #Brazil2014 #WorldCup2014 #Anthem

✌Venga Mexico, has historia 🙏
#MexicoVSBrazil #WorldCup #Mexico

Slender Run

Ronnie Street Stunts shows a particular way to survive, not only running away like crazy while screaming. Always be prepared for a survival running.

Parkour Playground:
Swimmable Skybridge (Singapore)

The Free Runnining Dead

The guys from 3Runs bring us their vision of a Zombie Apocalypse, wait Parkour Zombie Apocalypse.
Parkour zombies want to eat my brains!!


Fractal Art by Chaos Fissure

Via Xia Ly

I can only think “parkour playground!!”

Did omeone ask for flexibility??

Ready to be the best and break some obtacules?
Fight to survive!!

Another, yet really awesome POV of a running by James Kingstone

Dollyo Chagui

#Parkour playground

Faith~ and her prequel to Mirror’s Edge

Parkour, the “Mirror’s Edge” way

The guys from Ampisound share us their vision of a running and there’s no the better way than doing it like Faith.

BTW, be prepare for Mirror’s Edge 2

Super Mario Bros - The Parkour way 

This guys show us a newer version of Mario and Luigi in their daily ‘real’ life, kind of looks like a game to me.

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